A database should be as easy to use as email.


 •    What if you could create a database in under 3 minutes?

 •    .. and it was as familiar as paper but you could access the data from your phone?


Creating a database that you can share with your co-workers is a pain.  There are special servers and expensive licenses to buy and skilled professionals to find. In the end, you often get stuck with applications that are hard to use and can't scale.  And forget about collaborating with someone outside your organization. It will take a month to get them access to the data, if ever.  So why can't sharing data be easy, just like creating an email?

" I just pick the Waveform I need, enter the data and I'm done. My team can then use the new data. It's as easy as that! 
- Joe M. from email

ow with the latest technology available from Google, San Mateo Waveforms presents a world class database that is as easy to use as email! With San Mateo Waveforms, you create and use electronic forms to gather information efficiently and reliably.

  • Choose from thousands of forms.
  • Use on mobile phone or desktop web browser.
  • Add team members by adding their email address.
  • Add new waveform via Google Form Editor.
  • View waveform + data right in your gmail.

So for the web database that is easy as email...

Sorry..Demo is down while we migrate from app engine to google cloud.

"Strong, Smart, Connected......"

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