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Features in a nutshell....

~ easy to try, no investment/installation required.
~ use and share industry standard forms to save training time
~ natural, convenient method of viewing data in same format as input
~ utilize Google's low-cost, secure infrastructure
~ create a form via Google office form creator
~ create a local repository for that form's data for working off-line
~ easy to setup and maintain. No IT expertise required.
~ mobile view of forms and data
~ integrates with Google calendar, Google talk, iGoogle, Google Sites

....The rest of the story.

Google Spreadsheet Forms

~ Forms submit to your private Waveform account inbox. The data can immediately become part of your workflow or saved to one of your databases.
~ Forms are created as part of a Google gadget served by smw.appspot.com. Just use the provided url anywhere you use a Google gadget (Google Sites, iGoogle)
~ Forms are also mailed to form creator  as html email. Can be mailed to other Waveforms users who use html mail.

Mobile Interface

~ Mobile interface at http://smw.appspot.com/mobile
~ Automatic conversion of waveforms to mobile forms.
~ Display Waveforms with Google Forms CSS  which look great on mobile devices.

Google Wave Integration 

~ Use any of the thousands of google spreadsheet forms on google wave
~ Attach a searchable, auditable data repository to google wave discussions
~ Integrate google wave with relational database.


~ use waveforms in iGoogle, Google Sites, Gmail, etc.
~ display waveforms using Google Form's CSS, etc. which look great in gadgets, iframes mobile devices

Google Calendar

~ The "Google Services" tab has a section that lets the user get access to the appointments scheduled for today on their main google calendar.
~ prepare a chart for loading by adding link in calendar appointment

Google Gtalk Integration

~ Gtalk with user as you share data
~ GUI elements to turn Gtalk and GServ on and off. Type "on" or Type "off" into the text box under 'User" tab
~ Add smw@appspot.com to your chat users list and receive chat alerts whenever a user sends you a waveform

Google Contact Integration

~ Easy way to add users to a Waveform Wave
~ Brings up Google's email contacts.

Offline Mode

~ easy download of all wave data to Google Gears
~ offline view and modification of form with data
~ local backup method for google data


~ share any waveform on an updater-wave with Google office style updates
~ all form fields in the waveform will get updated by the upater-wave crew, changed field shows identity of updater.
~ your active waveform field (the field with cursor on it) will not get changed by your crew's updates


~ User can add script tags to increase waveform capabilities and to customize their application.
~ User can write their own javascript functions and use the function on their forms.
~ Provided wavefunctions include tinymce editor and Secret Wavefunction (ability to encrypt/decrypt data in a form)

Relational Forms

~ create a gears table out of all forms with the same formid and display these relational tables in a grid
~ perform relational sql on these tables and show results in a grid
~ download the grid as an excel file or html

Advanced Form Creation Tools (Xtypes, functions, extensions)

~ new xtype available to all: resizabletextarea - a text area with draggable edges.
~ new xtype available with ux files: linkbutton, tmcetextarea
~ relationalForms_wf.js overides Ext.grid.GridPanel to give grid the "getHtml" function

Wave Workflow

~ User can move a chart from one Wave to another. This is most useful in workflow situations. For example:
     * Three Waves:
          "Writer Wave" : created and admin by Writer Wave captain.
          "Reviewer Wave" : created and admin by Reviewer Wave captain.
          "Publisher Wave" ; created and admin by Publisher Wave captain.
     * Crew - The total crew consists of all three captains as well as any crew members they add to their wave.
          Steersman - a steersman is any member of two waves. They have the ability to promote (move) a chart from one wave to the next.
          Workflow Admin - usually a member of all three waves, the admin can restrict which waves users can move charts to.
     * Charts are similar to standard GUI folders but charts do not contain charts.

Additional Features

~ Easy creation of form template / database from a html form
~ Creation of form template / database from JSON
~ Run Map Reduce on your groups waveforms.
~ Retrieve data from a remote site using script proxy
~ access to various GUI designers
~ ability to easily share form JSON
~ can add a gadget into the gtalk or gserv panels
~ Send form data to another gmail user without using web or email (extra secure when using https)
~ Save data to Google gears
~ Reduce downloads by using Google gears (turbo)
~ Additional tagging capabilities in turbo mode
~ Form History with ability to track who did changes
~ multi-media capabilities in a form (video, mp3, swf, iframes)
~ iphone mode automatically moves panels to side