Infopath + Sharepoint

Are you a Microsoft Sharepoint or Infopath User? If so, Waveforms can save you a great deal of time, effort and money.

Waveforms are a new technology that take advantage of Google's comprehensive infrastructure. Waveforms are easily created out of any Google spreadsheet form. The resulting Waveform is then available to be used as an html form as well as a JSON form. In either case, the data is saved and viewed right in the form, so the data is preserved along with it's context. 
  • HTML Waveforms can be sent from gmail account to gmail account. They look and work great on mobile phones. Try them with voice input devices like Google's new Nexus phone for fast and easy transcription.
  • JSON Waveforms are grouped together in charts to make a simple but powerful database. In this context, Waveforms allow you to take advantage of a wide variety of advanced web technologies such as simultaneous collaboration, offline access, and Google Wave.

Note that both Microsoft Infopath and Waveforms provide these capabilities:

    •    View data in original form context like a paper form.
    •    Create a document oriented work flow.
    •    View and edit a variety of forms in standard web browsers.
    •    Perform client side data validation in browser to improve data entry.
    •    Choose from a wide variety of form templates.
Waveforms have several significant advantages over Infopath. Additional Waveform capabilities include:

    •    Ability to add any Gmail user to a work-flow at any time.
    •    Able to collaborate on a form and get automatic updates.
    •    Able to use waveforms on all mobile phones that can run a browser.
    •    Extra secure because data never leaves Google's servers.
    •    Integrates well with other Google Apps, such as Google Docs, Calendar, Contacts.
    •    No need to install or administer a special server.
    •    No need to learn complex technologies.
    •    Easy creation of Open Social Waveform gadgets make any web page part of your work flow.
    •    Scales to millions of users.
    •    Waveforms export data+form in JSON format and not XML, reducing processing time.

In addition you can
  • easily create a new Waveform using Google's spreadsheet form editor
  • or use one of the approximately twenty thousand spreadsheet forms already available.

To try for free right now, log in using your existing Gmail account by signing in here.

Or just send a waveform to a account without logging over here on our demo page.

If you don't have a Gmail account, see this link for  creating a new Gmail account.

Are you a corporate maverick? You know, the kind that actually gets things done even when they are swamped by bureaucracy? Here is some good news.
You can use Waveforms without ever going through the endless process of dealing with an IT department. You can even set up advanced work flows that span across organizational boundaries. Just get your team members to sign up with a gmail account and you are ready to go. Collaborate in real time on data. Share access to a web database. Share templates, wavefunctions and web services. So come on and get things done!

Still sticking with Infopath? No problem, we like people that are familiar with document management. Please help us out over at Check out this page for more information.