Data capture that is as easy as email.

See your Form with the associated Data right  in your email.

Waveforms are a new technology that take advantage of Google's advanced infrastructure. Waveforms are easily created out of any Google spreadsheet form. The resulting Waveform can then be sent through email.  The data is saved and viewed right in the form, so the data is preserved along with it's context. 
  • HTML Waveforms can be sent from gmail account to gmail account. They look and work great on mobile phones. Try them with voice input devices like Google's new Nexus phone for fast and easy transcription.
    •    View data in original form context like a paper form.
    •    Create a document oriented work flow.
    •    View and edit your data in standard web browsers.
    •    Choose from a wide variety of form templates.
    •    Able to use waveforms on all mobile phones that can run a browser.
    •    Extra secure because data never leaves Google's servers.
    •    No need to install or administer a special server.
    •    No need to learn complex technologies.
    •    Easy creation of Open Social Waveform gadgets make any web page part of your work flow.
    •    Scales to millions of users.

  To try for free right now, log in using your existing Gmail account by signing in here.
If you don't have a Gmail account, see this link for  creating a new Gmail account.

Or just send a waveform to a account without logging in by using this gadget.

Send to any gmail account