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One of the great time-savers that  Waveforms users benefit from is the ability to create one form and use it multiple ways. This is accomplished by the full gadget support built into the Waveforms Application.

Mobile Phone:

1. Forms can be easily created using Google's form creator and the resulting JSON form is used to both collect data and display data. This gives you the benefit of preserving the context in which a question was presented. These forms can be viewed quite easily on mobile phones.
2. When you create a waveform using Google's form creator, the html form is converted into a JSON form so that the form can be used to present data. The original html is also stored along with the JSON form for one-off data input. These forms cannot utilize advanced widgets and cannot display collected data but they look especially good in gadgets in a website or viewed on a mobile phone.

iGoogle and Google Sites:

    Your waveforms can also be used on iGoogle and on Google Sites where you can take advantage of the larger size to display more of the Waveforms application. example


Google Wave:

    Google will soon be publicly launching their Google Wave, an advanced tool for collaboration that combines elements of email, IM and Google Groups. Any waveform you make using Google Form creator can be used on Google Wave. These forms allow you the ability to save snapshots of data from a Google Wave. These data snapshots can then be searched, audited, shared with non Google Wave users, downloaded to your browser for offline access, integrated into a relational database, etc.


Other Gadgets:

    The above examples showed various ways of presenting waveforms using gadgets, but you can also present any of the thousands of Google Gadgets on your own Waveform page. These gadgets can be used to communicate or to  make the application more personal. example