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Contact Gadget

The following gadget will alert this site admin  with an email and a chat message. In addition, the data sent will become part of a web database.

If you request, we will email the form with it's data to your gmail account so you can see the data in your email.  You will then be able to edit the data in your gmail and send it back to me for updating the master contact database. Or send it to a friend and they can edit and gmail it back to you. All of this is possible before you even log in once to!

Scroll down to see how to use a gadget like this on your own site.


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This gadget was made from this google spreadsheet form.

It was imported into the timnash1 Waveform account. This template is now available to anyone who wants to use it to collect information.

To use, put your SanMateoWaveform account id ( gmail address) after 'sendto=' at the end of the following line.

and add as a gadget to your iGoogle or Google Site.

It can also be used in any open social container.

To use in a website that requires a standard iframe, just change servegadget.xml to servegadget.html

For example:

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